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Solve Your Spam Problem – For Now

Are you still getting numerous “spam” emails arriving in your inbox every day?  If your answer is “yes” you may find that it is creating havoc on your computer, especially if you click on the links supplied in the emails. Adding the sender to the “junk” folder doesn’t really stop the same email from re-appearing in your inbox because it can come from …

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How can we Reach You?

  Can you be reached at all times?  Can you reach someone else at all times?   Do you keep your cell phone or other mobile devices fully charged?   Do you check your email at least twice a day; morning and evening?   Do you check your phone messages on your cell and home phone? If the answer to any or …

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Don’t Put Your Online Accounts at Risk!

Your passwords are the first line of defense against the cyber criminals. It’s crucial to pick strong passwords that are different for each of your important accounts and it is good practice to update your passwords regularly. Follow these tips to create strong passwords and keep them secure. Use a unique password for each of your important accounts like email and …

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