About Pamela

Pamela Computer and iPad Tutor

Pamela has been teaching computer skills and helping computer users to understand and enjoy their computers for more than two decades. Building computers was Pamela’s entre into the world of computer, so she is adept at both technical and hardware problems, from setting up new systems to troubleshooting old ones.

Pamela is a Computer Tutor, Author, eBay Education Specialist, Radio Talk Show Co-Host, Technician and Webmaster. Her primary, but not exclusive focus, is helping seniors and senior groups understand and enjoy their Computers, Apple iPads and iPhones. Seniors are now interested in becoming part of the technology age but have had little or no previous exposure to computers. Their desire to get taught is often stifled by the limited resources available to them to get assistance. With infinite patience, Pamela enjoys being able to assist seniors at all levels of computer knowledge from beginners to the advanced.

Pamela is published in numerous Computer User Group newsletters throughout the USA and Canada.

Pamela works with Computer User Groups across the world on a regular basis, to help increase their membership and run their SIGs (Special Interest Groups.) These sessions are conducted over the internet through Web Presentations. She finds it interesting and fun to meet computer users from all walks of life online. With today’s latest technology, it is possible to see each other and discuss procedures and problems without the need for travel. By working through the internet, it’s a comforting thought that we are also being kind to the environment.

With Free Tech Support Pamela is appreciated by all computer users because she promises to answer within 24 hours, if not at once. These daily questions were the basis for the first edition of her book “Computer Tips for Seniors” which is available here. Instead of a follow up edition of “Computer Tips for Seniors” Pamela now offers new computer and iPad information in the form of a detailed, illustrated and easy to understand tutorial on various subjects as well as on her Frequently Asked Questions page which is updated regularly. Check back often for additional tutorials. Pamela’s SECOND EDITION of “Mastering the Apple iPad & iPhone” is Hot Off the Press and ready for you to order HERE.    Contact Pamela if you would like to send a special greeting and card with her book to a friend or loved one. This is a FREE enclosure that will be sent along with your purchase of the second edition. She will also continue to write tips and articles in her newsletter that will be sent to those who subscribe; sign up at the bottom of any page.

Pamela designs and maintains websites for various businesses, communities and associations. Email Creative Designs and Campaigns are also available for internet advertising.

Although some appointments may require face to face meetings, Remote Assistance, is the chosen form of assistance Pamela uses for one-on-one tutoring or group presentations.

Pamela’s motto is “I don’t just teach, I help you understand” and she makes sure that she uses everyday language and examples, when she lectures to a group or teaches one-on-one. This ensures that the computer world doesn’t seem as foreign or unmanageable as one might think. Pamela’s aim is to spread the “Gift of Computer Education” as far and wide as possible for seniors who did not receive their education during the Technology Era. She wishes to help them enjoy their computers and Apple iPads without frustration and show them that it is a “window to the world” especially for those who are housebound.

Computer and iPad users worldwide are invited to contact Pamela with questions relating to computer hardware or software problems and she promises to send them an answer in the shortest time possible. Visit Ask Pamela page to ask your question and receive a fast response or click on the blue button in the sidebar to Chat Live or Leave a Message.

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