If you send an email with a list of recipient’s email addresses in the ‘TO’ line, they can be accessed by hackers or spammers or other recipients. Every recipient will receive the entire list of email addresses that your email was sent to. This could result in “spam” “spyware” or “viruses” being sent to the entire list and don’t forget that YOU are on that list!
To protect your security and that of your friends and family ‘copy and paste’ the information below and email it to them:
Create a new entry in your address book with your email address and instead of your name, name it i.e. Undisclosed Recipient, Friends, Family etc.

  1. If you wish to make a distribution list of a group of friends that you send group emails to on a regular basis, it will save you time. When you have a distribution list called i.e. “Golf Buddies” all you need to do is click on the list and everyone in that list will be sent an email but remember to BCC the list.
  2.  When forwarding an email that contains a long list of email addresses: First hit “Forward” and then DELETE the list of addresses that may appear at the head of the article or story.
  3. BCC or BLINDCOPY to ALL your recipients if sending to more than one recipient.

Thank you for helping to protect privacy and prevent Identity Theft.



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