Can you be reached at all times? Can you reach someone else at all times?

Where Are You? Do you keep your cell phone or other mobile devices fully charged?

Where Are You? Do you check your email at least twice a day; morning and evening?

Where Are You? Do you check your phone messages on your cell and home phone? If the answer to any or all of these questions is “No” you may find yourself in unforeseen danger.

Where Are You? Most mobile devices have a camera that is very useful if you have an automobile accident. If you have forgotten to charge your cell phone you will not be able to take a picture of the damage or the scene of the accident. Furthermore you will not be able to take a picture of the number plate of the other vehicle and their driving license and insurance.

Where Are You? Suppose one of your friends, colleagues or relatives needs to contact you and you cannot or do not answer their call or check your messages? Do you realize how frustrating this can be? Put yourself in their place and you will certainly not like the feeling of desperation when you cannot get in touch to ask a question or request help.

Finally, you could be in the position to help others by having your mobile device or cell phone active and with you at all times with the volume turned on and within range.

Don’t put yourself and others in danger. Keep in touch and available at all times. Keep your cell phone and mobile devices fully charged and active; have an additional charging cable plugged in and ready to use on your night-stand or bedside table and another in your car.

Remember to check your email at least twice a day; Morning, Noon and Night is preferable and answer promptly; it will make life much easier and more pleasant for you and others.


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