Turn Your Old Laptop into a Digital Photo Album

Reuse and Recycle Your LaptopDon’t give away or throw away your old laptop, when you decide to buy a new one or your old laptop crashes. Yes, you can re-use your laptop even when it crashes despite the advice that you may have been given. You can turn it into a Digital Photo Frame which can run constantly.

To turn your old laptop into a Digital Photo Album, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the restore discs that came with your laptop and insert them in the CD/DVD tray.
  2. Restart your laptop and watch for the message to ‘click on any key to boot from CD.’ Then tap any key to start the process.
  3. Just follow the prompts and the computer will go through the motions to bring your laptop back to the state it was the day that it was purchased.
  4. You will not need any extra software or Antivirus protection because you will not need to connect your laptop to the internet.
  5. When the laptop has finished installing all the drivers and software necessary for your laptop to run, it will be ready for you to install all your family photos that you would like to run in your new Digital Photo Album. If you have saved your photos on an external drive or CD/DVD insert it in the laptop and copy the pictures to your Pictures folder.
  6. Then Right Click anywhere in a space on your desktop and select ‘Personalize’ from the pop-up menu in the Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. For Windows XP click on “Display.” This will open the Screen Saver settings.

Use the ‘down-arrow’ and select ‘Photos’ and set the wait time to one minute so that the slideshow begins as soon as the computer boots up.

Click on ‘Apply’ and then on ‘OK.’

Place your laptop in a place where you will be able to view your Photo Album. You can leave it running all day and enjoy memories of your holidays and family pictures. Just remember not to press any keys or touch the mouse buttons because this will stop the slideshow running. If you do touch the keyboard you just need to wait one minute and the slide show will begin again.

Help to Preserve Our Delicate Planet and Reuse Your Old Laptop.

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