Thinking of buying an Apple iPad?

Learn the iPadIf you are thinking to buy an iPad and want to know which model to buy read on…

There is always an occasion to give a gift and the Apple iPad will be the perfect gift to give, especially if your recipient is considering purchasing a new computer. Put the computer to rest and enjoy all the speed and numerous applications that you will find in the Apple iPad.

Everything you enjoy using on a computer is contained in an Apple iPad and it’s “ease of use” and portability makes it even more desirable.  You may ask “Why the Apple iPad?” My answer: “In my opinion, it is the best tablet on the market and it is not a “luxury” item. It keeps you connected where ever you may be for keeping in touch with friends and family worldwide and it is an essential tool for business.”

The only thing missing, when you purchase an iPad, is the instruction manual.  I have solved this problem by writing a handy 100 page manual with illustrated step-by-step instructions, that you can take along with you. It even fits into a leather pouch along with your iPad.

The manual will be given FREE at my “Mastering the Apple iPad” workshops and will also be available online for those who live too far away to attend. All the information that is given in the three, two hour workshops will be detailed in the manual so that you can take advantage and enjoy all that the iPad offers. It also contains “Tips and Tricks” and “Shortcuts” that make using your iPad more pleasurable.  Add this to your gift or purchase a Gift Certificate for my Books, Workshops or other services.

Which iPad should I buy? Before attending my three, two hour workshops or reading my 100 page manual, most iPad users think that the iPad is just for receiving emails and searching the internet. If that were the case, it wouldn’t take me six hours to teach you how to use it. In order to decide which iPad to purchase you will need to decide on the amount of data you wish to store on your iPad and what type of data you wish to store.

There are three sizes of storage; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.  If you plan to just download a few apps, surf the internet or read eBooks and email, 16GB will be sufficient. If you are planning to download Movies, TV shows, Music and take and store many Pictures and Videos, I suggest you purchase the 32GB or the 64GB. If you don’t mind spending a little more, I suggest buying the 64GB that will be sufficient for all your needs now and in the future. Otherwise the middle of the road at 32GB would be my next choice.

Then you need to decide which model you wish to purchase. For most users, especially seniors, I suggest the full-sized iPad is the best choice because the screen is large enough to enjoy a movie, surf the web, read and answer emails using the onscreen keyboard or read an eBook in comfort. If the iPad2 is still available, the Apple Store has reduced the price by $100 and you will find it sufficient for all your needs.  I use an iPad2 with 64GB and 3G and I am very satisfied with its performance, portability and resolution.

To learn more about how the iPad works, attend my “Mastering the Apple iPad” workshops or purchase a copy of my detailed, step-by-step manual pictured above.You may also contact me for more information. 

My new Easy-to-Understand instruction book “Mastering the Apple iPad” is now available HERE.

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