Texting – A Boon or a Bane?

No Texting While DrivingRecently I was dining with a family who had teenage children. They were well behaved and polite, to say the least, except that they insisted on holding their cell phones out of sight, under the table, while texting, during the meal and throughout the entire evening.

I have noticed young and older people texting during movies, at meetings and other venues and feel that this new and wonderful invention of modern day life should be moderated.

When television was first introduced, it caused conversation between family and friends to cease. Even today, some of us have turned into “couch potatoes” and miss out on all the wonderful things that socializing can bring. We will soon forget how to recognize ‘body language,’ a tone of voice or a facial expression.

Now we have “texting.” While this is a useful tool for communication it should be used in moderation and when others are not going to feel that they have been shunned in exchange for the need to communicate with someone else. I feel that it’s much like saying “You are boring so I am going to talk to someone else who has more important things to say.”

A good number of people who send and read text messages on their cell phones, are being killed or seriously injured with frightening frequency. Of course, it is not the text messaging that is dangerous, but not thinking about the time and place that it would be safe to text. If your head is down, your eyes focused on your cell phone, while crossing the street or driving your car, it is very likely that you will cause an accident injuring yourself or others.

Is it any wonder that laws are being made to heavily fine offenders? If we do not stop it now, sooner or later, someone will knock over a frail, elderly person, upset a baby carriage or cause a serous automobile accident.

Let’s show younger people and our peers a good example by refraining from “texting” while in their company. A word in their ear may explain to them that it really is not polite to “text” while dining or spending time with their family and friends and defiantely not acceptable when driving.

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