Secure Your Wireless Router

Wireless SecurityDid you secure your wireless router? If you didn’t you may want to consider the risk that you are taking. Without a secure WEP other computer or iPad users can share your wireless connection which will ultimately slow down your connection to the internet. Some users may even be able to ‘hack’ into your system and steal your information or install ‘cookies’ or malware and make your system inoperable.

When you purchase a router make sure that you use the software supplied on the CD to secure your system. Change the ‘default’ password and username and put them in a safe place or remember them because you may need to connect other devices to your system. When your family and friends visit they may want to connect to your wireless system and they will need to enter the passcode in their unit in order to surf the internet or download their email.

They will not be able to connect to your system when they leave your premises and are out of range of your router. When they visit you again and your router is in range, their unit will remember that they had access in the past and they will not need to enter the passcode again.

You can configure your router settings to connect to a small number of units at a time so that it does not overload your system. This number can be changed at any time. If you have three computers in your home or office, you can configure the number to four or five connections so that two more devices can share your internet service. Alternatively you can disconnect one or two of your computers to allow more connections if more visitors wish to use your internet connection.

Connecting an iPad to a wireless router: Click on ‘Settings’ then Turn ‘Wireless’ ON – either click on an unsecured connection (showing no padlock) or one that is secured if you know the passcode (showing a padlock)  If the ‘bars’ next to the name of the connection are solid the connection is strong. If not, you may not be able to connect because the connection is weak.

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  1. Seymour YusemSeymour Yusem03-12-2013

    Do you sell a basic tutorial for senior beginners on the Apple iPad?

    • Pamela TabakPamela Tabak03-18-2013

      Yes. The tutorials are for beginners as well as the more advanced and can be obtained by clicking on the Tutorial link on the Services sidebar.

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