Remote Assistance

Remote AssistanceRemote Assistance is a shared remote desktop session that gives computer users help when they need it without the need for travel.

Don’t wait until your computer crashes. Pamela can connect with you via Remote Assistance to make sure that your data stays safe and your system runs fast and trouble free.

When you’re having a computer problem, Pamela can, with your permission, connect to your computer and help you, even if she isn’t nearby. After connecting, Pamela can view your computer screen and chat with you about what you both see. Pamela can use her mouse and keyboard to control your computer and show you how to fix a problem or help you to improve your computer skills. A unique password is used each time you connect so the process is completely secure.

EASY iPad-iPhone LIVE WorkshopsPamela has added a new feature to her online service;
Live Online Help Sessions for your iPad and iPhone. You can work on YOUR iPad or iPhone in the comfort of your home or office as she illustrates the features on your Computer Screen in an easy to understand workshop.

Once you have signed up for the first two hours, you don’t have to use the whole two hours in one session. Use as much time as you need and the rest will stay in your account until you need Pamela’s help again. The amount of funds in your account is not refundable but will remain in your account and never expire. It can only be used for Online Remote Assistance for any of Pamela’s services.

Pamela can show you the easy way to organize and get around your computer.

How to keep your data safe.
How to back up your files and folders.
How to avoid online and email SCAMS.
How to Speed Up & Clean Up.

How to solve troublesome eBay problems.
How to prevent intruders & malware.
How to fix a Printer malfunction.
How to do so much more!

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