Quick Tips to Speed Up and Clean Up Your PC

Speed Up your PCIs your computer running slower than it should? Do your programs malfunction from time to time? If your answer is “yes” you can perform a few simple procedures that are hidden within your operating system and your computer will remain as fast as the day it was purchased.

Unbeknown to many computer users “computer maintenance” should be done on a regular basis. If you use your computer a great deal it should be done one once a week. If you only turn your computer on every few days you should do it every two weeks. If you never turn your computer off you could be asking for trouble.

If regular “computer maintenance” is not performed your programs will begin to malfunction and your computer will get slower and slower and will eventually crash. Computer users email me daily with problems that are mostly solved by performing Computer Maintenance; a quick and easy fix for most computer malfunctions.

Don’t wait until a disaster happens or your identity is stolen!  Follow these simple procedures to keep your computer in the best of health!

  1. Make sure that you have one reliable Antivirus program in your computer. If you have more than one neither will be effective and it may cause your computer to malfunction. I recommend Norton 360 available here; good for three computers.  On the same web page there is a free tutorial that you can print and follow each time you scan your computer. If Norton 360 is already installed in your computer, make sure that it is up-to-date and that you run it “manually” on a regular schedule. If you have set it up to run automatically during the night I recommend that you run it manually in the daytime instead. Leaving your computer on constantly decreases its performance and invites “back-door hackers” to infiltrate your system while your IP address is floating around in cyberspace. There is much controversy regarding this subject and each technician has a different opinion but I have found that it is safer and more effective if your computer is turned off overnight.
  2. There are three important steps to “Computer Maintenance” and I recommend that they be followed as set out on My “Frequently Asked Question” page under the “Security” heading. The information is explained in simple terms and it includes detailed screenshots. Click on the question and the answer with the screenshots will drop down. Highlight the answer then  hold down the CTRL key and hit the “P” key to bring up your printer box. Put a “bullet” next to “Selection” when your printer box opens. Your printer will print the selection that you highlighted. Visit this page often for answers to questions that are sent to me daily.

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