Organizing Files and Folders

Organizing FilesOrganizing files and folders is one of the easiest projects you can perform on your computer but it is often disregarded. The result is a mountain of files, in no apparent order and impossible to navigate.

The purpose of this workshop is to help you organize and find your files quickly, when you need, them instead of spending hours staring at your monitor with no results.

Arranging files on your computer is much like using a physical filing cabinet with paper files except filing on a computer is paperless, fast and much kinder to the environment.

Its fine if you think your current method of filing is working for you but if you have a sea of files cluttering your desktop, causing a slow computer startup and total confusion, it’s time to make changes. Keep it simple and enjoy the result. A few simple steps will keep things under control so you can spend less time searching and more time getting work done.

  • At this workshop you will learn tips to manage your files and folders.

  • Learn good practices for keeping your files easily searchable and accessible.

  • Learn which files you should keep on your desktop and why less is better.

  • Find out the reason for keeping files in folders and the way to give them meaninghful names.

  • Find out where to find your Document Folder in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

  • Learn how to find files if you have forgotten where you saved them.

  • Learn how to find and attach a file or picture to an email and send it.

  • Learn how to rename files or folders and keep them in chronologial order.

  • Learn how to search by icon recognition or by Jump lists.

  • Learn how to back up your files and folders regularly and clear your computer.

A detailed, illustrated hard copy tutorial will be supplied to each attendee to keep for future reference.

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