Is There a Mystery Computer Cable Under your Desk?

cable-messChances are that all the computer cables under your desk are a mystery.  Chances are that there is a tangle of many cables making it virtually impossible for you to identify any of them.
Don’t despair! There is an easy solution to your dilemma!
First of all, you will need to make a label for each of the peripherals that are attached to your Power Bar, including your computer tower and monitor or monitors. If you have a “Label Maker” the task will take you no time at all. If not, then make labels on your computer or write them by hand and set them aside.
Now for the more difficult task; trace each cable back to the peripheral it belongs to and attach the computer cablesappropriate label that you previously prepared. Repeat for every cable that is plugged into your Power Bar and then begin to “clamp” the cables together with  “Twist Ties”  or “Velcro” Self-Grip Straps, at six inch intervals. The “Velcro” straps are easier and more convenient to open when needed.  Labeling both ends of each cable makes it easier to identify them when you need to troubleshoot or un-attach them. One label around the plug that attaches to the Power Bar and another label that goes into the peripheral.

Take the time to sort out your computer cables. It may take a while to accomplish the task but you will be pleased that you did!  For a “No Wires” Gift Idea, Click HERE.

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