Apple iPad & iPhone Workshops for Seniors

EASY iPad-iPhone LIVE WorkshopsIf you own or are thinking of buying an Apple iPad or iPhone, don’t fumble about in the dark. Join Pamela and a small intimate group of iPad & iPhone Users to learn the easy and fun way to get the most out of the iPad or iPhone features at home, at work, at play or on vacation. You will be surprised to find out the enormous amount of features contained in this handy portable unit.

If you are ready to upgrade or replace your computer you will be pleased to know that an Apple iPad or iPhone can not only replace your computer but your camera, notebook, TV, books, movies, videos, business card file, scanner and so much more. You can do everything you need to do with an Apple iPad, even print or take screen shots and photos to send to your friends and more importantly, see and speak with your friends and family even if they live far away

In Pamela’s two hour, hands-on workshops you work along with your iPad or iPhone as she illustrates the features on a 46 inch monitor or a Large Screen. You can ask questions and receive demonstrated answers and if you have questions after the workshop ends, Pamela supplies answers by email at no cost.

Mastering the Apple iPad & iPhone - Second EditionIf you live too far away to attend the workshops you can still own Pamela’s illustrated book which is full of the latest features with Tips and Tricks Galore. Surprise a friend or family member with a copy of “Mastering the Apple iPad and iPhone – Second Edition” for that special occasion? Copies of the First Edition are limited but Pamela is writing the Second Edition which will be available in the latter part of 2016. Contact Pamela if you would like to be notified when the Second Edition is available.

Apple iPad Gift CertificatesAlong with the book you may add a free gift card which is available on request.

Send Someone Special a Gift Certificate for the Workshops and the Book.


Receive Hands-On Training and Personal Attention in Pamela’s Workshops

LARGE GROUPS: Group Workshops for 25 or more attendees for Clubs, Communities or Associations are individually priced and tailored accordingly.                             Contact Pamela to discuss Special Pricing for Your Group.

SMALL GROUPS: Group Workshops for 6 to 10 attendees:                                      Cost per Person: $15 per hour per attendee. There are 5 Two Hour Workshops in the Series.

ONE-on-ONE or PRIVATE LESSONS: If you are unable to attend the workshops or Join a Group, you can sign up for Private Lessons in Person or via Remote Assistance

To sign up to be notified when the workshops are scheduled, click on the blue button on the right sidebar and leave Pamela a message.