Important New Year Tips for Your iPad and iPhone

iPad and iPhone Tips

There is much more to the iPad and iPhone than email, games and internet.

There are many features that you may not be aware of at first glance. I endeavour to keep you updated through my Newsletters in addition to my book
“Mastering the Apple iPad”
and Brand New Supplement that I have made available.

The following Tips will “Save Your Battery Life” and make working with your mobile units easier and more fun.

1. You may have noticed that if you hold your iPad at the edge of the screen with one hand and try to navigate your iPad with the other, nothing happens. Try to keep the hand, that is not doing the navigating, away from the edge of the screen.

2.  While using your iPad or iPhone you can quickly access Apps that you have recently opened by tapping the “Home Button” twice. Jump from App to App for fast access, while using your iPad or iPhone, instead of returning to the “Home Screen” each time.

3.  Your iPad and iPhone Battery power usually lasts up to 10 hours, according to Apple, but you will charge it less often if you follow my suggestions below:

a)  After each use and before closing your iPad or iPhone, Tap the “Home Button” twice to bring up the open Apps. “Flip Up” with two fingers on each App to close it. This will save your battery from unnecessary use while you are not using your unit. Remember, if the Apps are not closed, they are running in the background and using battery power.

b)  Keep an eye on the battery icon at the top right corner of your screen, which shows the percentage of battery charge left in your unit. You do not need to charge your battery again until you see a “red bar” which is a warning that the battery is low. You may also receive a “pop-up” with a similar message. Make sure that your power cord is nearby when this message appears otherwise your unit will shut down. Keeping your Apps closed when your iPad or iPhone is not in use will keep your battery usable for longer periods of time.

4. If you have “Siri” installed on your iPad or iPhone you can ask “Siri” a question without typing your password or accessing your “Home Page.”  Just hold down the “home button” until you hear a “beep” indicating the “Siri” is ready for your request.  “Siri” answers questions on both your iPad and iPhone i.e. directions, info about restaurants, movies, theater, weather, people and much more. On your iPhone “Siri” can find and dial a number even if it is not in your address book. Try using “Siri” today. You will be amazed and thrilled with the information that will be right at your fingertips when you need it.

Please make 2014 a “Safer Year” by not using your iPad or iPhone when:

1.  Walking in the street, a mall or shopping center.

2.  Driving a car or riding a bike.

Doing so could cause a serious accident to yourself and others.

NOTE: Many States and Provinces  impose heavy fines for the use of cell phones while driving. Most new cars have “Bluetooth” installed so that you can use your iPhone “Hands-Free.” If your car does not, choose the “Bluetooth” option for safety on the road. You will be pleased that you did.

Enjoy a Safe and Happy New Year.

  1. zelman schoenbartzelman schoenbart12-27-2013

    good advice

    • Pamela TabakPamela Tabak12-01-2014

      Thanks for keeping in touch and pleased that you find the information helpful.

  2. Marilyn BergeronMarilyn Bergeron03-18-2014

    Love the information

    • Pamela TabakPamela Tabak12-01-2014

      Thanks Marilyn. Check my Frequently Asked Question Page for solutions to every day questions. I update frequently.

  3. Joan HerronJoan Herron06-16-2014

    How do I highlight and delete on the iPad? Especially when forwarding emails.

    • Pamela TabakPamela Tabak12-01-2014

      Thanks for your question Joan. My answer is included on my “Frequently Asked Question Page” in the “Apple iPad” category. Your question is answered in detail and titled:
      “How do I delete email addresses on an incoming email on my iPad, before forwarding?”

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