Hotmail Users are Not Amused!

Outlook - HotmailHotmail users are really getting angry with Microsoft because they have been automatically upgraded to an email address without their permission. The ‘Go back to Hotmail’ link does not always work for everyone and Microsoft has confirmed that once an email account is switched to Outlook, (not to be confused with Microsoft Outlook) it cannot be changed back. In other words, the ‘classic’ or a newer ‘full’ interface is not an option. The most aggravating problem, that some users have experienced, is that they are unable to see their old emails from their Hotmail account after upgrading. My email inbox has been overfilled with ‘help’ requests since users have been upgraded so I have added information to my Frequently Asked Questions page that will help users to understand how to work with the new interface. Access the topic from the list in the right hand category column or scroll down the list of questions on the page; click on the question and the answer will drop down; click again or on another question and it will close. Questions and answers will be added frequently so return often and if you have a question that is not yet included, click on the Ask Pamela link in the sidebar of every page. As always, I will respond within 24 hours if not at once.

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