Give The Gift of an Apple iPad Workshop or Class

DoApple iPad Workshopsn’t make the mistake of giving an Apple iPad to your loved one or buying one for yourself and expecting to know how to operate all the features hidden beneath that handsome exterior. Enclose a Gift Certificate for a series of three Apple iPad Workshops which include two hours of “Hands-On” instruction ($10 per hour) in a cozy environment and a multipage illustrated tutorial of the features covered at each session for future reference.

Workshop locations in South Florida and Toronto, Ontario.

If you live too far away to attend the workshops you can purchase hard copy tutorials here.

For instance, did you know that dozens of languages are available on the International Onscreen Keyboard and you can select as many keyboards as you wish to use and did you know that there are many shortcuts on the iPad that can make your experience faster and more enjoyable?

Sign up here to learn about these and many more features and to be notified when Apple iPad and iPhone Workshops are scheduled.

Use your Apple products to their full capacity. Have fun and keep connected 24/7 with the Apple iPad and iPhone.

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