How do I transfer pictures from my PC to my Apple iPad?

To transfer photos from your computer to your iPad, you need to have iTunes installed on your PC.
1. Connect your iPad to the computer with the data cable.
2. Launch iTunes, and click on the iPad icon from under Devices.
3. Click on the Photos tab, and check the box “Synch photos from.”
4. Click “Choose folder” from the drop-down menu, and select your picture folder.
5. Now that the folder is on iTunes, you can select the photos you want to transfer to your iPad, or transfer them all.
6. Finally, click the Synch/Apply button at the bottom right of the page. The pictures will transfer to your computer.

Other Options:
(a) Buy a photo transfer APP for the iPad, which enables Wi-Fi photo transfers.
(b) Buy an SD Card Connector from the Apple Store and use the SD card from your camera to transfer the pictures.

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