How do I transfer Kindle e-books to my Apple iPad?

You can move the books from one device to another via “Manage My Kindle” on using a web browser.

1. Sign into your account
2. Select Manage My Kindle
3. Next to the Digital Content Column on the left, find the book that you want to move to the iPad and select action on the right. You can move the content from device to device there.

You can use the application that Amazon provides for users to download and read kindle books on iPad or iPhone called “Kindle.”

After you downloaded the Kindle for iPad APP, you can use it to re-download your kindle books from Amazon store into iPad device.

You can find this application in the APP Store on your iPad. Just type in “Kindle for iPad” in the APP store search box and the free “Kindle” APP will usually be the first APP that appears.

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