How do I resize pictures on my iPad before emailing them?

Some Internet Providers limit the size of emails that they allow you to send. If you attach pictures to your email they may exceed the size that your ISP allows. In order to reduce the size, when sending emails from your iPad, follow the steps below:

1. First attach your picture to your email by accessing them from your “Picture Folder.”

2. Once the email screen pops up with your picture showing, click on “images” as shown below:

Add Picture to Email

3. Choose the size from the selection that appears as shown on the image below:

Choose Image Size on iPad

4. Add your “Recipients Email Address,” “Subject Line” and “Message.”
Then click “Send.”

If the size of your email is within the ISPs guidelines your email will be sent. If you receive a message that the email is too large, reduce the size of the pictures by following the instructions above.

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