How do I get rid of the coloured text and lines that appear when I forward an email on my iPad?

When you forward an email on your Apple iPhone or iPad you will find that the text colour changes and a coloured line appears on the left side of the email. Every time this email is forwarded the colour changes and another coloured line appears next to the first one. If this email is forwarded many times on an Apple unit the lines will increase.

Remove Coloured Lines










In order to get rid of the coloured text and lines is a simple process. Follow the steps below to make your forwarded email clean and crisp:
1. Click “Forward” on the selected email. (The portion of the email shown below was forwarded twice. You will see each time that the colour changes and an additional line is added.)
2. Highlight or Select the text. A bar of options will appear.
Highlight & Quote Level









3. Click on “Quote Level” and then on “Decrease” and the coloured lines will disappear and the text will turn back to black.

Quote Level - Apple

Decrease Quote Level





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