Why does the Font Style and Size change when I am typing and how can I make it stay the way I have selected?

Word 2007

In order to keep the Font Style and Size the way you selected you need to make them the “Default” Font Style and Size.  (Default = as pre-set by you or by a manufacturer of software)

Follow the steps below:

1. Open a new WORD document

2. Click on the corner of the “Font” box on the “Ribbon.”

3. Choose the Font and Size that you want and click on “Default”

4. Click OK.

The next time you open a new Word document the Font Style and Size will remain the same as you selected.

If you wish to change the font entirely, repeat the above steps.

If you want to change the font for part of the document do so on the “ribbon” as needed.  A new document will still open in the “Default” selection you made.



Word 2010

Follow the steps above. The only difference will be that you will have a choice to change the “Default” for this document only or all future documents. Make sure that you mark the feature that you want before clicking “OK.”

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