How do I create a Desktop shortcut to the Contacts folder in Outlook.

1.  Open the Search field of the Start Menu

2.  Type outlook.exe in the Search field. (Don’t click “enter.”)

Search for outlook.exe3.   When you see the icon appear on the list above the Search Field right click on it and choose; Send To-> Desktop  (create shortcut)

Right Click on Properties

4.  Right-click the shortcut you just created, and from the shortcut menu click “Properties.”   

Outlook Desktop ShortcutOutlook Properties
5.   On the Shortcut tab, locate the “Target box.” It contains the path for Outlook.exe.

6.  Press the “Spacebar” once to type a space after the path, and then type; /select outlook:contacts (include the space after “select.”)

Select Outlook Contacts

7.  Click OK.

 8.  On the desktop, double-click the Outlook shortcut    Outlook Desktop Shortcut that you created and your contact list or lists will appear.

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