When I copy text from a website to an email the font in my email changes. Can you explain why this happens and how I can avoid this?

When you copy text from a website and paste it to another document or an email the font may change from the one that you usually use in your email to the one that you copied from the website. If you want the font to match your emails default font you will need to use your ‘Notepad’ program.

‘Notepad’ is a text editor and used mostly by webmasters when designing websites or by technichians for writing or copying code. It is also used for other purposes and one of them is to clear text formatting.

To use the ‘Notepad’

  • Access the ‘Notepad’ from ‘Accessories’ in your ‘Program’ list.
  • Keep this software handy for future use by adding it to your ‘Start Menu’ or your ‘Taskbar.’
  • Copy ( CTRL+ C ) text from a website and paste ( CTRL+V ) to ‘Notepad’ then copy ( CTRL+C ) it from ‘Notepad’ and paste ( CTRL+V ) it to your email.

You will find that the text looks exactly the same as the other text in your email.

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