How can I copy an Excel Formula into a column that has more than 200,000 lines without dragging it manually?

There are quite a few options for performing this procedure. I have chosen two that are listed below beginning with the easiest:


  • Add a formula to the first cell in the column.
  • Click into the cell and locate the “fill handle” which is the small cross that appears on the bottom right corner of a cell when you point to it.
  •  “Double click” the “fill handle with your left mouse.
  • The formula in the first cell will be copied into all the cells in the column ending on the line that has the last entry in your worksheet.

Another Option:

1. Click into the cell that contains the formula.
2. Click the F5 key and type a range. Example: G2:G227
3. Click into the “formula bar” 

4. Click the CTRL key plus the “Down Arrow” key and hit the ENTER key.

The formula will fill all the cells in the range automatically.

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