How do I check my system for corrupt files?

Malicious software will often attempt to replace core system files with modified versions in an effort to take control of the system. The System File Checker can be used to verify the integrity of the Windows system files. If any of the files are found to be missing or corrupt, they will be replaced.

Follow these simple steps to fix your system:
Click on “Start”
Click on “All programs”
Click on “Accessories”
Right Click on “Command Prompt”
Choose “Run as Administrator”
Click “Yes” to the “User Account Control” The “DOS” box will appear.
Type sfc /scannow (including the space) after C:\Windows\system32>

System File Checker
The system will begin to check the files on your computer until it reads 100%

System Checking Files
The system found corrupt files and replaced them.

Corrupt Files Found

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