How do I change an icon on a folder in Windows 7?

Changing the icon on a desktop folder or creating a new folder with an icon of your choice, is easy if you follow the steps below.

Creating a New folder:
Folder IconFirst create a new folder on your desktop and give it a name. For this example I have chosen to create a folder in which to keep my website information so I have named it “website.”
Before we attempt to change the folder icon we need to find one that will suit the folder that we have made. Windows has many icons in the system that will be fine but if you want something different and special you will need to do some extra work.

1. Find an .ico (icon) file by typing into the search bar in your browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer .ico icons.

2. Choose an icon from the examples that appear and click on ‘Windows:Download as .ico file.’


Website Icon












3. Once it opens on the bottom left of your screen, click the down arrow and choose ‘open.’

Icon Download Link






4. If you are satisfied with your icon. Right click on the folder icon you wish to change and choose ‘Browse’

Browse Icons















5. Then locate your downloaded icon which will be in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

Downloads Folder











6. Click on it and choose ‘Properties’ then ‘Customize’

Icon Properties















7. ‘Change Icon’ ‘Browse’ ‘Downloads’

Change Icon















8. Locate the downloaded file and double click on it to change your icon.

Chosen Icon















9. Click Apply then OK again. Your icon will be changed.

New Icon

Website Icon

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