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Every day Pamela receives numerous questions from troubled computer and iPad/iPhone users, by email and at various seminars and workshops. Her answers provide advice on a variety of subjects related to computer hardware and software and Apple iPad and iPhones. Listed below are the questions that Pamela feels will be helpful to most users, from beginners to the more advanced.

If you cannot find the answer to your question listed below, ask Pamela your questions here or click on the ‘Ask Pamela’ link on the sidebar menu below the category list. You can also leave Pamela a Message by clicking on the Blue Button at the bottom of the right hand sidebar. Pamela always answers promptly.


Why does my pointer jump all over my document while typing?

Follow the steps below to prevent the mouse from jumping all over the document while you are typing.

Go to: Start
Go to: Control Panel
Click on “Mouse Properties”
Click on “Pointer Options”
Uncheck “Hide pointer while typing”
Click on “Apply” then on “OK”

Contact me and let me know if this solves your problem.



When I am typing an email or a document in Word on my laptop my mouse jumps to another line and I find myself typing in the middle of another sentence. Why does this happen and can it be corrected?

When using a notebook with a touchpad and a mouse attached, your thumb may get too close to the sensitive touchpad. This will cause the insertion point to jump to another line.

To prevent this you can disable the touchpad in Control Panel > Mouse > Touchpad tab, and just use the mouse. If you prefer to use the touchpad, look for a setting on the Touchpad tab to make it less sensitive.

My eyesight is failing and I find it very difficult to enlarge the font in order to read my email online. Is there another way?

Yes, you can easily ENLARGE the font in an online email as follows: Hold down the CTRL key and scroll with the mouse wheel. This works on most websites and other software as well.