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Every day Pamela receives numerous questions from troubled computer and iPad/iPhone users, by email and at various seminars and workshops. Her answers provide advice on a variety of subjects related to computer hardware and software and Apple iPad and iPhones. Listed below are the questions that Pamela feels will be helpful to most users, from beginners to the more advanced.

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Excel Formulas

How do I combine the information from two columns in Excel into one column?

Excel-PasteIf you have first names in column “A2” and last names in column “B2” you can combine them into one column with a simple formula.
Just type the following formula in cell C2: =A2&” “&B2 and use the fill option to copy all the names into the “C” column.
Now you will need to delete the first two columns: Highlight and copy column “C” and then click on “Paste Options” and choose the first option under “Paste Values.” This removes the formula from column “C” and you are able to delete the first two columns.

How do I sort or separate email addresses in Excel?

To Separate email addresses in Excel:

Excel Create TablePrecaution: Make a copy of your list and work on the copy in case of errors.

1. Highlight your list and click on ‘Insert’
2. With the highlight still active click on ‘Table’
3. The ‘Create Table’ box will appear with the data rows already inserted. If your columns have headers click the small box next to ‘My table has headers’

NOTE: Make sure you highlight all the columns that contain information and not just the email column otherwise your list will be out of order.

Sort Excel Table4. Click on the down arrow on the heading of your email address column and click into the ‘Search’ box.
5. Type .edu, .com etc. if you wish to sort by extension.
6. Click ‘OK’ and the .edu addresses will appear on a separate list.
7. Click the ‘Undo icon’ to bring the list back to the original or save your changes. (You cannot use the ‘Undo’ feature if you have saved the changes)

To Sort email addresses Using Conditional Formatting:

Precaution: Make a copy of your list and work on the copy in case of errors.

1. Highlight your list.Excel Conditional Formatting
2. Click on ‘Conditional Formatting’
3. Click on ‘Highlight Cells Rules’
4. Click on ‘Text that Contains’
5. Type .edu in the box supplied.

Excel Highlighted TextAll the .edu email addresses will be colored red and you  can sort your list accordingly.
Conditional Formatting has many features in order to sort all your lists.

If you would like more help with this and other features please visit this page.

How can I copy an Excel Formula into a column that has more than 200,000 lines without dragging it manually?

There are quite a few options for performing this procedure. I have chosen two that are listed below beginning with the easiest:


  • Add a formula to the first cell in the column.
  • Click into the cell and locate the “fill handle” which is the small cross that appears on the bottom right corner of a cell when you point to it.
  •  “Double click” the “fill handle with your left mouse.
  • The formula in the first cell will be copied into all the cells in the column ending on the line that has the last entry in your worksheet.

Another Option:

1. Click into the cell that contains the formula.
2. Click the F5 key and type a range. Example: G2:G227
3. Click into the “formula bar” 

4. Click the CTRL key plus the “Down Arrow” key and hit the ENTER key.

The formula will fill all the cells in the range automatically.

How do I fill a long Excel column with a formula without dragging it manually?

Filling an Excel column manually with a formula in each cell can be daunting if your column is longer than 100 lines but Microsoft has equipped us with several automatic procedures to make it easy. Below is one solution that I believe is the easiest. Let me know what you think when you have tried it.

Best Solution:

Tutorial - Excel column with Formulas After you have filled all the information in the other columns in your worksheet, type the formula in the first cell of the column in which you need the information generated.

Double click the “fill handle” that you would normally “drag” down and the formula in that cell will be copied into the last cell of that column adjacent to the last cell of the corresponding columns.

For more help with Microsoft Excel sign up for a Remote Assistance Session and I will be on hand to help you when you need it.

How do I link information from one Excel Worksheet to another and have it update automatically?

In order to have Excel data update automatically from one Excel worksheet to another follow the steps below. We will call the Excel worksheet that contains the data you wish to copy Sheet A and Sheet B will be the worksheet where you wish your data to appear:

  1. Open the Excel worksheet (Sheet A) that contains the data that you want to copy to the new worksheet.
  2. Open the Excel worksheet (Sheet B) where you want the data to appear.
  3. Click into the cell that you want to copy in Sheet A.
  4. Press CTRL+C.
  5. Click where you want the information to appear in Sheet B.
  6. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the arrow under Paste, and then click Paste Special.
    Excel - Paste Special 7. Then Click on “Paste Link” as shown  Excel - Paste Link











8. Click OK. Your data will update automatically on Sheet B every time you update data on Sheet A.

If you need help with any Excel problem just click on the blue button on the sidebar to the right of this page and ask your question. I will respond promptly.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Can you suggest a formula to deduct an amount from an original sum and continue it down the column?

Excel Column Formula

How do I remove the Hyperlink from the email addresses in an Excel list?

Email hyperlinks in a list in Excel can cause a new email to open if you accidentally click on them so it’s a good idea to remove the hyperlink so that changes can be made to the email address without causing a new email to open.

Right click on the email address and choose “Remove Hyperlink” which is the last option on the list if you are using Excel 2007.