Peggy Edwards

Mastering the Apple iPad Workshop – Toronto, Ontario Canada
I found your workshop to be outstanding. It exceeded my expectations in every way. I greatly appreciated your professionalism, and your easy conversational style of teaching; you presented us with a wealth of information, all the while responding to questions that were of interest to us all. To further enhance our learning,through practice,we were provided with excellent follow-up, after each session. Finally, you provided us with a PDF of all four sessions, an invaluable tool for future reference. Thank you for what has been an exceptional experience ; I look forward to attending the Spring Workshop.

Robert W.Elkins M.D.

Granite Falls, N.C. U.S.A.
What was that song? When you need a friend, call on me? Should have been written by Pamela. For years, this fine lady has been tirelessly helping non-geeks (like me) handle their computer problems, from the simplest software glitches, to the most complex hardware problems. She has helped me out in the past when there was no one else around to turn to, and did it with the old craftsmanship and caring which is hard to find now a days. Weekends, late at night, whenever, you turn to her feel assured your problem will be solved. Her newsletter is great, her web hosting is excellent and prompt, and you can count on her. Reliability, honesty and talent. A perfect trifecta. And no, she is not my mother, and the flowery complements, are strictly from a more than satisfied customer, and now a friend.

Janice Yeung

Mastering the Apple iPad Workshop – Toronto, Ontario Canada
I have completed the ‘Mastering the Apple iPad Workshop’ offered by Pamela. Personally, I found the sessions useful as Pamela teaches her students using non technical language making it very easy for the average person to understand. Pamela answers your questions, shares tips, shortcuts, and favorite apps she uses. Outside of class, she replies to emails to questions you didn’t think to raise during the lesson. For those of you who aren’t using the iPad to its full potential, like myself, you will be glad to meet Pamela.

Bapsy Premjee

Mastering the Apple iPad Workshop – Toronto, Ontario Canada
I found your workshop interesting and there are many things that I learnt which I was not aware of. Your tutorials Have helped me a lot and your book aids me more. I refer to it whenever I have a problem. Thanks for your help.

Hanny Ladanyi

Mastering the Apple iPad Workshop – Toronto, Ontario Canada
I enjoyed your classes very much.There is so much to learn on the iPad,I know that I will continue with your next classes. Thank you for the information.

Lois Friedman

Huntington Lakes. Delray Beach, Florida U.S.A.
I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and information. You are absolutely outstanding and gracious as well as so informative. I have learned so much from you and your info. Please continue to share your wonderful knowledge with us. Thank you so very much, Pamela.

Bertram Cohen

Hunters Run Country Club – Florida and Boston. U.S.A
Dear Pamela.I does not seem possible you have been helping me for over four years. How time flies. When I am in trouble you are there to guide me and help me. I am busy selling marbles daily and when I need advice you are there for me. You are so kind and considerate and a fast worker. With so many viruses coming around, you are there to guide me. Keep up the good work and stay young.

Al Keyworth

Toronto – Ontario, Canada
I purchased your Book “Computer Tips for Seniors” & am writing to let you know that I have read it from cover to cover, while sitting in front of the Computer, making many Notes as I went.
I was a user of XP & Office 2003 for many Years & now have Vista & Office 2007. When I asked a friend what the biggest challenge would be when I made the change, his response was “Imagine that the moving van has taken all your boxes to your new house, got there before you, & placed them haphazardly in various rooms. Your first assignment now is to find where your ‘this & that’ is now located!” Your Book was an extremely valuable aid in this regard.
Pamela, while the Bill Gates & Steve Jobs of this World are great at developing hardware & software, they are woefully lacking when it comes to teaching – even with all their built in “Help” mechanisms! I wish I had had a Book like yours when I started using a Computer in 1998!

Lou Strumlauf

President Huntington Lakes – Delray Beach – Florida – USA
At our meeting we were once again witness to the reason that some presenters are unique and deserving of all the praise that can be heaped upon them Pamela Tabak is the Presenter that I am talking about. Having her as a speaker means that you don’t have to worry about her being prepared or that her presentation will not be well received. No matter what the subject matter is, you know that she has done her homework and that all our members will thoroughly enjoy what she puts before them. We go back a long time with Pamela. She has been educating and bringing enjoyment to our members with presentations at least once a year since 2004.
Her topic this time was “Tips and Tricks”, and we all became privy to some bit of information that was new to us. In addition, all our members are always eager to ask her questions related to problems with their computers. She did not disappoint them with her answers. Pamela relates to seniors in a very remarkable way. In this connection, she is the author of a widely read book entitled “Computer Tips for Seniors” – “How to become a computer wise Grandparent” With any luck, we will have her back next year.

Monique Lundy

Zenith-Elegance Computer Club – Toronto, Ontario Canada
Thank you for dedicating all your time to help Seniors like myself, who struggle with the new technology. I found your tutorials extremely helpful and have given me more confidence. I also appreciated your prompt reply to my questions at times when I was desperate to resolve problems with my computer. You have a way to explain things in easy terms to understand and have shown a lot of patience. Thanks again for all your help!

Claude Mongrain

Sarnia, Ontario Canada
I have contacted Pamela several times for computer problems or issues. I found that Pamela explanations are very clear, accurate and to the point. If I compare with so called computer expert who uses lingo all the times instead of clear English and they tend to confuse you rather than helping.

Carol & Ed Raspler

Delray Beach Florida U.S.A.
A note to let you and everyone else know how delighted we have always been with your wonderful style of teaching seniors computing. You never criticize adversely and one feels very comfortable in your classes or on an individual basis. Also, your instant responses by eMail are very well received and appreciated!
We wish you all the best in all your endeavors,

Lester Niederman

Huntington Lakes Computer Club. Delray Beach, Florida. U.S.A.
I first heard Pamela give a talk at the Huntington Lakes computer club and I was much impressed by her computer knowledge. I had a problem with my computer and I contacted her she was kind enough to respond overnight with clear instructions on how to fix my problem, I followed her instructions and my problem was solved. Thank you , it’s great to be able to get help when a problem arises.

Charles Goeldner

Alberta, Canada
All I have to mention about the NEWSLETTER sent to me, that it is extremely valuable to us seniors as most of us are novices in this area. The tutorials are, in my estimation, superb and I for one, do appreciate the opportunity to be able to ask a question and obtain an easy and understandable answer. Thank you again for emailing your newsletter and its valuable info.

Jack Matisoff

formerly President of the Huntington Lakes Computer Club, Florida. U.S.A.
Pamela. You are a fantastic person, not only extremely knowledgeable and dependable, but always willing to be of assistance. I have always admired you and continue to recommend you for the help you offer to so many of us. Much thanks AND our heartfelt wishes for the very best that can be, not only for now, but always.

Suzanne Galumbeck

Kings Point Computer Club, Florida. U.S.A.
When we first met you as a speaker at our computer meeting, and after your lecture; we knew Pamela Tabak, is truly worthy as a Technician-Tutor-Web-master Dedicated to the computer Education of Seniors, and everybody else as far as my husband Henry and I are concerned. She truly tries to help all. We were truly impressed when she came to our computer club. She is a marvellous teacher.