Is the family coming for the holidays? Have you safeguarded your computer and iPad?

Secure Your Computer

Enjoy the holidays without the fear that your computer and/or iPad will be inoperable after your visitors leave. Safeguard your computer before your visitors arrive.

If you think your children and grandchildren know it all – think again. They will make more havoc on your computer or iPad than you will ever make. If you don’t believe me, let me give you the benefit of my previous experience. If you take heed it will also give me a break because it will prevent my phone ringing constantly after every holiday when families visit.  After they leave, some computers are unable to be used. Some contain Malware i.e Viruses, Trojans etc and some computer users have lost their pictures and other data. Follow the tips below and feel safe and happy after your family or friends go home.

Before  they come to visit make sure that they are bringing their laptops or iPads along with them so that they do not need to use yours. My advice is “Don’t  let them near your computer or your iPad.” If you feel embarrassed about this, take the precautions below to protect your data and the well being of your computer, not to mention your sanity.
1.  Place a password on your computer and don’t give it to anyone. You can even place a password on your iPad or just certain files on your iPad or computer. This will prevent anyone accessing your files in order to read, alter or delete them, even accidentally.
2.  Make sure that your data is not in your shared folders.
3.  Create a Guest Account that your visitors may use. Make it ‘limited’ so that they are not able to download programs which may contain Malware that will harm your computer.

The best gift that I can give you is knowledge and the love of using your computer and iPad without frustration.  I enjoy showing you easy ways to work on your computer and iPad, making it an enjoyable and exciting experience. My gift is not just for the holidays; I am here to help you 24/7 all year long just like I have been doing for more than 25 years. I am just a click away on ‘Ask Pamela’ or my Online Chat. Don’t forget to visit my ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page often. I add new questions with my answers regularly. It’s possible that you may find the answer to your question there.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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