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Important New Year Tips for Your iPad and iPhone

There is much more to the iPad and iPhone than email, games and internet. There are many features that you may not be aware of at first glance. I endeavour to keep you updated through my Newsletters in addition to my book “Mastering the Apple iPad” and Brand New Supplement that I have made available. The following Tips will “Save …

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The Apple iPad and iPhone are Making People Nauseous

Another Update to the Apple iPhone and iPad operating system, that we have become used to seeing and using, is making many users literally sick. Yes, the animations and transitions added to iOS 7 have unexpectedly been making some people nauseous and giving them motion sickness. This time the changes are so drastic that it is frustrating many of you …

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NEW – iPad Web Presentation – On Your Computer

NEW – iPad Web Presentation – On Your Computer in the Comfort of Your Home. Now that you are the proud owner of one of the most revolutionary tools of the century, you may feel overwhelmed with the thought that you just don’t know how to make good use of it. The iPad is not to be feared. In fact, …

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