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Booking Now – New iPad and Computer Workshops

I am now planning New iPad and Computer Workshops for the coming seasons. As you know, there are only 12 seats available at each session so book early to  secure your place; no payment required at this time. If you would like to attend my workshops please contact me stating the location and subject or subjects that interest you. Seats will be allocated  …

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What will you do when the lights go out?

Your Apple iPad will save you every time! Have you ever had a power cut in your home that affected the whole town where you reside? I am experiencing this right now so I decided to write my newsletter to share my thoughts with you. It’s 9.15 pm and its pitch black all around me. I have not switched on …

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Is the family coming for the holidays? Have you safeguarded your computer and iPad?

Enjoy the holidays without the fear that your computer and/or iPad will be inoperable after your visitors leave. Safeguard your computer before your visitors arrive. If you think your children and grandchildren know it all – think again. They will make more havoc on your computer or iPad than you will ever make. If you don’t believe me, let me give you …

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