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Thinking of buying an Apple iPad?

If you are thinking to buy an iPad and want to know which model to buy read on… There is always an occasion to give a gift and the Apple iPad will be the perfect gift to give, especially if your recipient is considering purchasing a new computer. Put the computer to rest and enjoy all the speed and numerous applications that you …

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Computer and Apple iPad Users Unite!

Pamela has a Brand New Technology Website for Computer and Apple iPad Users. My new website will provide Computer and Apple iPad users with user-friendly access to engaging content, informative resources and information that you need to keep up with the ever changing events in the world of technology. The look and content has changed but my website address is …

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Is the family coming for the holidays? Have you safeguarded your computer and iPad?

Enjoy the holidays without the fear that your computer and/or iPad will be inoperable after your visitors leave. Safeguard your computer before your visitors arrive. If you think your children and grandchildren know it all – think again. They will make more havoc on your computer or iPad than you will ever make. If you don’t believe me, let me give you …

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