Buy Quality for the Long Term and Valuable Printer Tips

Knowing What to Buy, When and for What Price Always Saves Time and Money

The point of the article is that there is a difference between a product that is cheap and a product that is good value. Personally, I prefer quality products for the long term but since everything goes on sale at some point, it’s a good idea to wait for the sale before purchasing.

For instance, purchasing a printer because it’s cheaper than other brands is not a good investment because you will be replacing it sooner rather than later. Printers need new “drivers” from time to time when operating systems change or the product gets updated. Many, that are less expensive, become obsolete when computers with new operating systems are purchased so you may need to purchase a new printer as well.

Look on line at reviews from the “Consumer Report” and other sources to make comparisons before making your choice or ask someone knowledgeable for their opinion.

It’s not about how much you pay initially, but how much you pay over the time that you own the item.

Valuable Printer Tips:

1: When leaving for a vacation for a long period of time, remove the printer cartridges and store them in an airtight container or double bag them and squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing. This will stop them from drying out while not in use. (applies to ink cartridges)

2: Clean the heads automatically through your “printer utilities” when printing becomes faint or broken. If you have not received a warning that your ink is low, cleaning will bring the print back sharp and crisp.

3: The new HP printers have a great feature that allows you to “email your printer” from any location with a document that will be printed and waiting for you when you return home. Believe it or not these HP printers have a unique email address that can be accessed from any computer, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or any other mobile device that is able to send email.

4: Continue to use your printer until it does not print anything on the paper, even if a warning appears that tells you that you need ink. At this point it’s wise to purchase the ink or laser cartridge and have it ready to replace when needed.

5: Always keep your paper tray full and make sure that you have stacked your paper edge to edge. Take remaining paper out of the printer tray before adding more paper and level all edges to prevent paper jams.

6: Load the paper squarely in the drawer. All jams occur largely because the paper is not loaded squarely in the paper drawer. Make sure the slider is up against the paper nice and snug as well. This just ensures that the paper will feed properly.

Should your paper jam, always remove the jammed paper from the back of the printer. Pulling it out from the front of the printer may damage the carriage that pulls the paper through the printer automatically. Most HP and other printers have an access door at the back of the printer for this purpose. Refer to the printer manual or contact me if more information is needed.

7: If your “Wireless Printer” is not responding to a “Print” command, turn off the printer and wait a few minutes. Then turn it on again and paper-streamwait while it communicates with your computer. Make sure you clear the “Queue” of documents waiting to be printed before asking it to print. If the “Queue” is not cleared the printer will not respond or it may begin printing all the documents in the “Queue” resulting in numerous unwanted copies.



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