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Hotmail Users are Not Amused!

Hotmail users are really getting angry with Microsoft because they have been automatically upgraded to an email address without their permission. The ‘Go back to Hotmail’ link does not always work for everyone and Microsoft has confirmed that once an email account is switched to Outlook, (not to be confused with Microsoft Outlook) it cannot be changed back. In …

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Turn Your Old Laptop into a Digital Photo Album

Don’t give away or throw away your old laptop, when you decide to buy a new one or your old laptop crashes. Yes, you can re-use your laptop even when it crashes despite the advice that you may have been given. You can turn it into a Digital Photo Frame which can run constantly. To turn your old laptop into …

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Secure Your Wireless Router

Did you secure your wireless router? If you didn’t you may want to consider the risk that you are taking. Without a secure WEP other computer or iPad users can share your wireless connection which will ultimately slow down your connection to the internet. Some users may even be able to ‘hack’ into your system and steal your information or …

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