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Computer Maintenance & Safety Tips

Secure Your Computer Today with these Safety, Cleanup and Speedup Tips. Most computer problems are software related and hardware rarely fails if Computer Maintenance and Security is taken seriously. Computer problems can also be caused by the lack of organization. Software related technical problems can be avoided if Computer Maintenance is run monthly and Windows Updates and Antivirus software are updated and run …

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Texting – A Boon or a Bane?

Recently I was dining with a family who had teenage children. They were well behaved and polite, to say the least, except that they insisted on holding their cell phones out of sight, under the table, while texting, during the meal and throughout the entire evening. I have noticed young and older people texting during movies, at meetings and other …

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Is the family coming for the holidays? Have you safeguarded your computer and iPad?

Enjoy the holidays without the fear that your computer and/or iPad will be inoperable after your visitors leave. Safeguard your computer before your visitors arrive. If you think your children and grandchildren know it all – think again. They will make more havoc on your computer or iPad than you will ever make. If you don’t believe me, let me give you …

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